About the IAJHSC

The purpose of the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils has been, since our beginning in 1958, to develop the leadership qualities of junior high/middle school students and to educate them in the workings of Student Council. Our Association provides a unique avenue for advisors and students to exchange ideas and to solve problems by sharing experiences. We offer activities and events that promote leadership, service and scholarship—as well as integrity, responsibility, caring, compassion and good character.

Some of these activities and events include:

  • Fall District Leadership Workshops
  • Annual Advisors’ Leadership Workshop
  • District Midyear Leadership Workshops
  • Annual State Convention
  • Summer Leadership Camp
  • Membership networking opportunities
  • Publications and resources
  • Opportunities for community service

Each year we present a number of awards to honor our members, including the Honor Council Award Program, the Honor Roll of Outstanding Student Council Members and Advisor Longevity Awards.

IAJHSC Constitution (Rev. May 2009)
IAJHSC By-Laws (Rev. January 2022)
IAJHSC District Map
IAJHSC Executive Board

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the IAJHSC is by school and runs $75/year.