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2022-2023 IAJHSC State Service Project: Illinois Police Association Cop Shop Program

Dear IAJHSC Members,

We wanted to take this opportunity to announce that the Illinois Police Association Cop Shop Program has been chosen as the IAJHSC 2022-2023 State Service Project! That means any money you raise for the IAJHSC State Service Project will allow the Illinois Police Association Cop Shop to help children across the state have their dreams come true!

The Illinois Police Association Cop Shop Program is a non-profit that creates opportunities for less fortunate Illinois children to receive clothes, school supplies, and Christmas toys. With the help of leading experts, they work with police officers to take less fortunate kids from their local town/city to their local store to buy them clothes, toys, and school supplies with the money raised by the organization. This not only helps less fortunate children obtain items they need, it also helps develop positive community relations between police officers and children in the community.  For the past ten years, police officers have brightened children’s faces as they buy what they need for the upcoming school year and Christmas.

Every cent of the donation will go directly to support the children in this charity. We want to encourage you and your councils to come up with ways to fundraise this year’s State Service Project. Your participation not only can earn you an honor point, but also helps the Illinois Police Association reach more children in need! Remember, to receive your honor council points, you cannot donate directly to the charity, but must submit the IAJHSC remittance form along with your school check to the IAJHSC.  Your council needs to be sure to submit your donation early enough to receive, print, and mail the confirmation with your Honor Council Award Application documentation.

It’s so important to give to charities we believe in to help with their causes. We, as the district representatives, think it’s vital that we give as much as we can to help other kids in our communities. We don’t always know who is struggling, but we can always help.
We wish you luck as you begin your fundraising endeavors!  We can hardly wait to see what the collective power of the IAJHSC is able to accomplish with this year’s fundraising and donations for Illinois Police Association Cop Shop Program.

With Much Appreciation,

IAJHSC Southeast District Representative - Kyndall Bennett
IAJHSC Southwest District Representative - Liam Rorie
IAJHSC Northeast Lake District Representative - Jordan Leib
IAJHSC Northeast District Representative - Noah Carson
IAJHSC Mideast District Representative - Tiffany Legner
IAJHSC Midwest District Representative - Barbara Barrientos
IAJHSC Northwest District Representative - Miya Dunk

History of IAJHSC State Service Projects »

pop canOngoing Service Project

(in addition to the annual State Project)

IAJHSC Pop Tab Service Project for Ronald McDonald Houses

For many years the IAJHSC has supported the Ronald McDonald Houses in Illinois by asking each school attending convention to bring one gallon of pap tabs per delegate so that the tabs can be recycled. The tabs are collected at convention, weighted, and taken to a recycling center to be exchanged for money. The money is then donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses.

Unfortunately, in the earlier years of the project, we did not keep any records of our donations. However, in more recent years, we have begun to keep those records. The list of our support for the Ronald McDonald Houses through the recycling of the pop tabs follows. The money donated always depends on the going rate for recycled aluminum at the time of the donation. The numbers are approximate.

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone for popping tabs! The mission of the Ronald McDonald Houses is to create, find, and support programs that directly help the well-being of children. Our donation each year helps them to achieve that very important mission.

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Year Pounds Collected Number of Tabs Amount Donated
2003 7,000 8,869,000 $3,000
2004 6,634 8,405,278 $3,723
2005 6,300 7,982,100 $3,100
2006 4,500 5,928,236 $3,000
2007 6,300 7,982,102 $3,200
2008 3,660 4,638,487 $4,000
2009 4,350 5,131,350 $1,280
2010 4,861 6,654,792 $2,500
2011 3,800 5,500,000 $2,500
2012 3,355 4,250,780 $1,678
2013 3,090 3,915,030 $2,009
2014 3,413 4,324,777 $1,962
2015 4,193 5,401,221 $2,131
2016 4,115 5,153,649 $1,442
2017 4,008 5,780,136 $1,874
2018 3,200 4,800,000 $1,714
2019 2,695 3,234,167 $1,078
2022 3,852 4,880,484 $3,082
2023 ??? ??? ???


Past IAJHSC State Service Project Beneficiaries:

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