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IAJHSC Advisor Central

2018 Advisors' Conference

Advisors from across Illinois gain valuable insight, training, and opportunities for networking in an interactive, fun-filled environment at the annual IAJHSC Advisors' Workshop (above).

View the 2021 IAJHSC Advisors' Workshop Photo Gallery »

2022 Annual IAJHSC Advisors' Workshop
Write Your Story: Fill the Pages with LEADERSHIP

September 30 - October 1, 2022 (in person!)

Doubletree by Hilton
10 Brickyard Dr.
Bloomington, IL 61701

More information and registration form can be found in your email from the IAJHSC workshop director!

Why Attend the IAJHSC Advisors' Workshop?

  • Opportunities to network, share ideas, and get ethused
  • Share tools and techniques to use with your Student Council AND YOUR CLASSROOM!
  • Get answers to your questions and ideas to meet the challenges of being an advisor
  • Become acquainted with, and provide assistance for, new advisors
  • Get new project ideas, especially ideas designed to fulfill the requirements for becoming an IAJHSC Honor Council
  • Receive information about the benefits, opportunities, and resources available to IAJHSC member schools
  • Become better acquainted with the IAJHSC and board members
  • Become familiar with this year's state theme

Advisors' Resource File available for download in the IAJHSC Members' Area (password required) »

IAJHSC Advisors' Forum Wiki Available

The IAJHSC offers a service designed to make it easier for you to get answers to your student council questions and to submit your suggestions and ideas for other advisors to utilize!

You will find it simple and straightforward to use. Entering your answers is not difficult because the wiki allows you to do so using text formatting buttons such as you find in Microsoft Word. To make use of this new featured service, you simply click on this link – www.iajhsc.pbwiki.com – and follow the instructions on each of the screens.

You may freely read the answers submitted by other advisors, or you may submit your own answers to the questions. If you are submitting answers, you must first login using your “Members Only” password, your name, and your email address. Remember that the password is case sensitive. Once you have entered the password, you may add your answers, ideas, or suggestions to any or all of the questions. Click on “Edit Page” and use the buttons at the top of the page to format your information following the formatting exampled by the answers that are already shown. Be sure to click “Save” when you are finished.

The IAJHSC Webmaster will be immediately notified of your contribution to the Advisors’ Forum Wiki and reserves the right to edit any and all information that is posted. An email confirming your submission for an Honor Council Award point will be sent to you. The confirmation will be sent to the email address that you supplied when you logged in to the wiki. If you checked the box that says “Notify me of changes,” you will receive an email each time the wiki is updated. This will allow you to keep informed as new ideas and suggestions are submitted.

We sincerely hope that you will find this new featured service of the IAJHSC very helpful and useful. Please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@iajhsc.org if you have any questions or problems using the Advisors’ Forum Wiki.

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