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2017 State Service Project
Let It Be Us

Let It Be Us


By Jayne Lynde
IAJHSC Northwest District Rep

As elected representatives of the IAJHSC we’ve challenged ourselves and our members to create their own stories.  This State Service Project gives all of us the opportunity to help others create their own happy stories.  The children in the Illinois foster care system could really use our help.  There are approximately 400,000 children in foster care in the United States.  In Illinois, there are about 18,000 children in the system.  Imagine the look on a foster child’s face when they hear they are going to have a forever family!  This is the happy ending they want, and this is the happy ending they deserve.

Let It Be Us is a charity dedicated to the adoption and education of children in Illinois foster care.  This charity builds bridges between foster children and potential adoptive parents.  They provide many programs to help achieve their primary goal of finding forever families.  Let It Be Us is the first non-profit of it’s kind in Illinois.  Their Summer Camp program is new and has a lot of room for growth.  We can be a part of their ground breaking work by supporting their Summer Camp Program.  Let It Be Us intends to send children to a special camp exclusively for children in Illinois foster care. These camp experiences change lives! Many of the children in foster care have never been able attend a summer camp - either sleep away or day camp- and we can help change that! We can help provide scholarships and overnight camp supplies to Illinois children in foster care. There are many benefits of this charity and donating money to their cause helps Illinois foster children add a new chapter to their life stories.

For more information on how to help, please visit letitbeus.org or contact Susan McConnell at 1-847-764-LIBU.

History of IAJHSC State Service Projects »

pop canOngoing Service Project

(in addition to the annual State Project)

IAJHSC Pop Tab Service Project for Ronald McDonald Houses

For many years the IAJHSC has supported the Ronald McDonald Houses in Illinois by asking each school attending convention to bring one gallon of pap tabs per delegate so that the tabs can be recycled. The tabs are collected at convention, weighted, and taken to a recycling center to be exchanged for money. The money is then donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses.

Unfortunately, in the earlier years of the project, we did not keep any records of our donations. However, in more recent years, we have begun to keep those records. The list of our support for the Ronald McDonald Houses through the recycling of the pop tabs follows. The money donated always depends on the going rate for recycled aluminum at the time of the donation. The numbers are approximate.

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone for popping tabs! The mission of the Ronald McDonald Houses is to create, find, and support programs that directly help the well-being of children. Our donation each year helps them to achieve that very important mission.

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Year Pounds Collected Number of Tabs Amount Donated
2003 7,000 8,869,000 $3,000
2004 6,634 8,405,278 $3,723
2005 6,300 7,982,100 $3,100
2006 4,500 5,928,236 $3,000
2007 6,300 7,982,102 $3,200
2008 3,660 4,638,487 $4,000
2009 4,350 5,131,350 $1,280
2010 4,861 6,654,792 $2,500
2011 3,800 5,500,000 $2,500
2012 3,355 4,250,780 $1,678
2013 3,090 3,915,030 $2,009
2014 3,413 4,324,777 $1,962
2015 4,193 5,401,221 $2,131
2016 4,115 5,153,649 $1,442
2017 ??? ??? ???


Other Ways You Can Make A Difference

America's Promise
Opportunities to help others

American Red Cross
Get trained to respond to disasters

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Do Something
Take community service to the next level

EPA/Volunteer Water Monitoring
Monitor the condition of your local streams, lakes, estuaries, and wetlands

Hands-on family projects that help others in need

Hospice Foundation of America
Be a Hospice volunteer!

International Volunteer Programs Association
Lists volunteer opportunities abroad

"Keep It" Campaign
Act locally, reach globally through this program to help young people develop a sprit of public service, a commitment to the common good and the willingness to take a stand.

Learn & Serve America
Corporation for National & Community Service

Locks of Love
Non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children

Meals on Wheels
Make a difference in the lives of senior citizens

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Answer incoming Hotline calls from victims of domestic violence, their friends and family, the general public, and social service providers (training required)

The Nature Conservancy
Protecting nature, preserving life

Peace Corps
Make a difference and see the world

Project Linus
Providing security through blankets

Rotary International
Humanitarian, intercultural, and educational programs to improve the human condition

Salvation Army
Help meet community needs

Special Olympics
Year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities

Sponsored by the U.S. Government with informtion for students on college, career, internships and volunteerism

Volunteers Without Borders
People from diverse backgrounds work together to help overcome the needs facing communities around the world

Youth Service America
Building a global culture of engaged youth committed to a lifetime of service

The links on this page are provided as a resource, and IAJHSC neither endorses nor has any control over the content of the linked sites.

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